Excerpts from Sun-Sentinel endorsement: (Sun Sentinel Editorial Board August 15, 2016)

... The editorial board feels [Sheriff Scott Israel] is the obvious, best choice against three opponents in the Aug. 30 primary.

The three challengers ... don't have the experience needed to handle an agency with about 6,000 employees and a total budget that is north of $700 million. ... Israel made promises when he became sheriff, and he has made good on many of them.

He said he would make Broward County a safer place, and he has. 

Burglaries are way down in BSO-patrolled areas (from 5,556 to 3,210) since he took over. Violent crime has also been reduced substantially (from 23,983 incidents to 19,564.)

Israel said he would increase diversity among BSO personnel. He has done that, also, increasing the percentage of Asian, Hispanic and African-American sworn deputies.

Israel wanted to give juvenile offenders a chance to avoid jail when possible for lesser crimes, and he's done it by expanding the civil citation program.

He has also been very vocal concerning gun violence, opposing open carry legislation and a law that would allow concealed weapons on campuses. He is also implementing body cameras for his deputies.

And he has made community policing the cornerstone of his first term.

"It's a cultural change," Israel told the editorial board. "BSO was foundering (when he defeated Al Lamberti in 2012). There was no connection to the community. We needed to bring in strong leaders. It's working, it's efficient. I think the people of Broward County recognize the type of leadership I provide." ... Scott Israel is the best choice to stay on as Broward sheriff.

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